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Made in France, all IZU cosmetic brushes are made from the purest animal hair and are specially designed to enable easy makeup application. These brushes glide softly across facial contours with professional ease and are designed to pick up the appropriate amount of powder.



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Eyebrow Brush

This brush is resilient and stiff, hence enabling user to create various shapes for the brow. The Eyebrow Brush will give soft and beautifully defined brows that will not appear artificially drawn.

S$ 35.00
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Blush Brush

Soft and will not scratch tender complexion. Blush Brush has a unique size and shape ideal for defining cheekbones perfectly as the handle offers complete control for blusher application.

S$ 74.00
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Multiple Brush

The Multiple Brush may be used as a lip as well as a concealer brush. Its round tip and tapered sides allow for precise lining of lips and blending of concealer onto the skin.

S$ 42.00
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Large Shading Brush

The Large Shading Brush is shaped to cover the eye socket area with a single stroke of eyeshadow. The tapered oval tip gently blends edges efficiently.

S$ 51.80