Are there signs to tell us that our skin is tired, stressed and needs rest?

Are there signs to tell us that our skin is tired, stressed and needs rest?

Skin Fatigue happens when our skin is weary due to lack of sleep, unhealthy diets, stress and other environmental factors. This results in the skin showing signs of dark circles around the eyes, dull complexion, more visible fine lines, puffy eyes and parched skin.

Studies have shown that psychological stress and sleepless nights can inhibit the recovery of skin barrier function. Stress causes our body to release a hormone, Cortisol, which can cause increase in oil production in our skin glands and contribute to breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue, worsening skin conditions and delaying natural skin repair.
Here are some tips to keep our skin radiant whilst hustling in our daily lives!

1. Taking time to care for oneself through regular exercise to help moderate stress levels amidst of still being effective in your work.

2. Fill your meals with fruits and vegetables for a strong immune system to function at your best state.

3. Strengthen your skin with anti-oxidants! Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental oxidative damage and pollutions in the air. Thus, it is important to hydrate and restore our skin with skincare high in anti-oxidants that can help prevent early signs of aging.

Skin Fatigue usually suggests that our current lifestyle does not allow our skin to have optimal rest. So ‘listen’ to your skin and give it the rest it it deserves.