What our customers have to say about the skincare and cosmetics:
Low H.
"I have been using the cleanser for 2-3 years. I love the softness of my skin after each wash. A gentle product which works miracles!"
J. Ng 
"Izu products are of high quality. The creams are are very fine and glide through the face easily. After using the products, my face is much clearer and no more little bumps. Cons are the price on the high side! "
IZU : Dear Ms Ng, Thank you for your kind review. Izu products utilize carefully selected superior ingredients sourced from different parts of the world and at a higher percentage compared to many other brands in the market. It also employs a state-of-the-art nano technology delivery system to aid in absorption into skin cells. We hope this helps justify the pricing. Thank you for your continual support.
M. Koh - Clarity Control
"Easy to use. Not excessively oily. Lightens freckles. Very likely to produce desired results if used consistently. Will recommend product to friends and family members. Price is little too steep though."
IZU : Dear Ms Koh, Thank you for your kind review. Izu products utilize carefully selected superior ingredients sourced from different parts of the world and at a higher percentage compared to many other brands in the market. It also employs a state-of-the-art nano technology delivery system to aid in absorption into skin cells. We hope this helps justify the pricing. Thank you for your continual support.

J. Ho - Rose Oil-Revitalize

"Love love love the rose oil!! It smells beautiful and I can feel my skin instantly moisturised. Effects can be seen nearly immediately!! Love love love it!

K. Ng - Clarity Control

"I have been using Clarity Control for 2 weeks and my pigmentations has been reduced effectively."

Y.W. Tan - Rose Oil-Revitalize

"The Rose Oil-Revitalize is effective. I like the nice rose smell when i put on my face. Very relaxing. Have been using about 2 weeks."

V. Khoo - Clarity Control

"I purchased the Clarity Control in the month of August and have been using it nightly. My skin has improved. Thanks to IZU."

P. Yeo - Rose Oil-Revitalize

"I have used IZU Rose Oil for about 4 months already. I have noticed that my skin looks more bright, rested and revitalised."

S. Leong - Awakening Cream

"I have been using the Awakening Cream for a solid 6 months now, and it has done wonders to soothe my dry, sensitive skin. I was a little apprehensive about the effects of the cream in the beginning, having tried many products from other brands which were completely ineffective, or even worse, gave me a reaction. Much to my surprise, I already saw results within the first day of use - the natural redness on my skin was reduced dramatically and it even helped keep my monthly hormonal breakouts in check.The cream itself is very lightweight, which is very different from the usual heavy oil-based creams I used previously, however the hydration proved to be sufficient and my skin has stopped peeling ever since I made the switch. I am now confident enough of my bare skin to go completely foundation free and the cream has done wonders to stabilize the volatile state of my very sensitive skin. The cream is all I need to use in my skincare routine now, as it hasn't been necessary for me to pile on a ton of serums and creams hoping that the condition of my skin will improve."

E. Lee - Loose Powder

"The best loose powder I have tried this year, made in Italy. The power has this sheer, light texture which provides the skin with a long lasting velvety coverage all day long. Even in this humid Hong Kong weather!!!"

Choo K.L - Loose Powder

"I like the loose powder, it's light and compact and blends well into my skin tone. I just started using it for about 3 weeks. Will try other products in the near future."

Ms Teo - Loose Powder

"I have been using this product for 2 months and it's the best ever lightest and natural powder I've ever used. Sets my CC cream very well and my face feels light, natural and it's lasting so there's no need to touch up at all. I can't leave my house without applying this. Sure to purchase and continue with this awesome product!!! Thank you so much."

Goh S.N - Shimmering Powder

"Shimmering powder is effective and I love it. I've definitely used it for more than 5 years now but exactly how long I cannot remember."

F. Tan - Loose Powder

"The loose powder is the best I have used so far. In the past, I always didn't finish using the loose powder. They will end up in the bins. For IZU loose powder, I have used up the powder till I receive my new supply. It doesn't clog my pores and also has a light coverage to cover some of my scars. I like the natural look after applying it. It is my 'must apply' before I step out of the house. I love the new packaging too."

J. Lim - Deep Cleanser / Crystal Scrub & Activator

"I've been using the Deep Cleanser for a couple of years, started with the sample scrub and like the texture of my skin after scrub."

Kan Y.M - Loose Powder

"This is the first time I'm using Izu loose powder. Saw the advertising on a magazine and after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I find it very light weight and helps to control oil on my face. It is not too thick and will not clog my pores. It also helps to give my skin a natural look. I will continue to use it."

Lim P.S. - Loose Powder

"Delivery of item is smooth and fast. Powder is light. The coverage is good from morning to night and easy to remove."

Y. Ong - Loose Powder

"I got to know this product from an article in the magazine. The review is good and I was thinking to give it a try. I love it so much and this is my second purchase. The powder is so fine and it has a good coverage. My makeup can last the whole day. I'll highly recommend."

J. Leong - Loose Powder

"I have been using the powder for the past 5-6 years and I really like it because it doesn't cause any reaction to my sensitive skin. It helps to prevent my skin from looking shiny / oily during the day too. So I have been using it on top of my BB cream when I go to work. So far so good. I have no bad feedback on this product."

Lam S.H. - Loose Powder

"Loved the powder. Been using for few years. Much better than the brand named ones on the market. Usually order several at one go so that I have stock in hand. Please do not stop producing this range."

Low H.Y. - Deep Cleanser

"I have been using this Cleanser for quite a while (2nd purchase). I loved the after wash sensation on my face. It always feel smooth and supple. Highly recommend this product."

A. Foo - Crystal Scrub & Activator

"I have been using the IZU facial scrub for more than a year and I like it! The facial scrub removes the dead skin and leave my face clean but not drying."

T. Wang - Loose Powder

"I have been using this powder for years, it always satisfies me. I love the texture, the easy application and after effect it leaves on my skin - a natural feel and look."

A. Lim - Balanced Toner

"The balanced toner works perfectly for me & I've been using it for maybe over 10 years."

F. Wong - Awakening Cream

"I have extremely sensitive skin and there are a lot of products that I can't use on the market. But the Awakening Cream is so great that even my ultra-sensitive skin can handle it. The best part is that in addition to keeping my skin moisturized, it gives it a 'glowing' complexion. I also love the way the texture feels."

A. Mok - Awakening Cream

"Thank you for introducing the Awakening Cream to me. It is so good. The texture is rich, but when you put it on your face, it's not heavy at all. After one application, I can feel that my skin is immediately softer. After about a week, my skin looks really luminous and healthy."

K. Yau - Rejuvenating Cream

"I love IZU's Rejuvenating Cream. The texture is ultra soft and it is non-greasy or oily. My skin feels younger after just one application. When I wake up in the morning, I can see the positive effects it has on my face. My skin becomes so smooth and I also don't see as many fine lines. Excellent!."

Y.T.Y - Hydrating Gel & Clarity Control

"I've tried so many skincare brands but only the IZU range have managed to heal my blemished and rough complexion on cheeks. I love the Hydrating Gel and Clarity Control which has cleared up my scars and smoothen my skin so much. Thanks IZU!."

C. Chong - Enhancing Moisturizer + SPF 25

"I love the texture of the Enhancing Moisturizer. It glides on so easily and makes my skin feel instantly smooth and hydrated. When I use it under makeup, it doesn't feel heavy at all. It makes for a great makeup base. I've also noticed fewer lines around my eyes. This is the day moisturizer for me!"

Tan E.L. - Rejuvenating Cream

"The IZU Rejuvenating Cream is effective in nourishing the skin. It eradicates fine lines and is easily absorbed without leaving any oily film on my skin."

F. Tan - Collagen Revival Cream, Clarity Control & Total Revival II

"I practically own every item on the IZU skincare range. I especially like the Collagen Revival Cream, Clarity Control and Total Revival II. The firming effects of Collagen Revival Cream are almost immediate! Clarity Control and Total Revival II are also very good quality products which has kept my skin clear and free from pigmentation. I just bought IZU's Lashes-To-Lashes Mascara and it does wonders for making my lashes thick and voluminous!"

S. Teo - Clarity Control

"Ive used a lot of products which claim to control pigmentation but none of them work as well as IZU's Clarity Control. Others were harsh and gave me break-outs or an irritation on the skin. Clarity Control is effective in clearing up and controlling the formation of new pigmentation. I've been using this product for about a year now!"