Made in USA, IZU is a cosmeceutical skincare range that will serve all the needs and requirements of your skin. It concentrates on actively delivering vitamins, nutrients, bioactive peptide and anti-oxidants into your skin using Nano technology, i.e. through ultra tiny liposomes, developed to penetrate your epidermis safely and effectively. Using optimum level of herbal extracts and active ingredients, it is a personalized regimen that aims to repair, nourish and protect your skin from pre-mature aging.

Extensively researched by medical scientists with results supported by cell cultural studies, IZU skincare is developed with state of the art technology. IZU has active products in its skincare range to improve skin tone clarity by removing pigmentation such as blemishes, scars and unwanted freckles. In its maintenance range of products, IZU has skincare to help decrease the signs of aging and fine lines. IZU has all your skincare needs, suitable for the man and the woman, from A to Z.

Made from the best ingredients possible by the top manufacturers all over the world, and using the latest technology available, all formulations used in IZU products are the result of comprehensive research and a commitment to skincare and cosmetics excellence.

While the skincare and cosmetics industry itself is a serious business, purveyors of glamour needn’t take themselves too seriously. IZU is not defined by conventional notions of fashion and makeup. IZU is inspired instead by the new-millennium trend towards healthy simplicity and dedicated to the pursuit of beauty with grace, style and wit.

Some of the famous faces who also love IZU cosmetics include, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Kirstie Alley, Susan Sarandon and Cast of Sex in the City.

Just imagine a superior, technologically advanced products that effects an uncommonly pure and refreshingly natural look. It’s as easy as I-Z-U.