Does it make a difference if we wash our face with hot, cold or warm water?

We find out by looking at how our face interacts with different water temperatures.
While hot steaming water in the shower relaxes the body muscles, it can cause our blood vessels to further dilate and make our skin appear redder. Even though hot water is believed to promote blood circulation, it can cause our facial pores to expand which could extensively reduce the natural layer of protective sebum thereby drying out our face. For those of us with sensitive skin, high temperature water can cause irritation and worsen conditions further eg. eczema.

On the other spectrum, cold water has been known to help reduce face puffiness and tighten pores. However when cleansing the face, if only cold water is used, bacteria and dirt could remain trapped in our skin as the tightened pores prevent them from being properly cleansed out.
Hence, experts recommend that we should start off by using lukewarm water to wash our face to remove any impurities before ending with a cold water rinse to tighten the pores. This way, our face can be kept clean and healthy.

Nonetheless, the use of a proper face cleanser (pH balance recommended) and essential skin care products should not be neglected as washing the face with only water is inadequate in helping us maintain clear, smooth and youthful looking skin.