Is this the best way to use the skincare dropper?

Is that the best way to use the skincare dropper? 

Many people find it convenient to drip serum/face oil directly from the dropper onto their skin but what they didn't know is that they could be contaminating the remaining unused product in the bottle. As natural micro-organisms reside on the human skin and sebum is continually produced by our own bodies, they could be easily 'transferred' unto the tip of the dropper when it touches our face. And when the dropper is being returned into the bottle, this could affect the remaining unused product, not mentioning creams or lotions applied prior to using the dropper (serum/oil).

In most cases, such contamination is not immediately noticeable but the efficacy of the product could be compromised over time.

Hence, we prefer to recommend dripping the serum/oil onto your hand then gently applying it on your face using your fingertips. Avoid direct contact with the dropper to prevent any possible contamination. But for those of you who can skilfully use the dropper over your face without ever touching your skin, kudos to you!