Treat yourself to a #BeautifulEyesStartsHere!

Bedtime is the ultimate rest time for your body and the opportunity to preserve younger looking skin, especially the eyes, which are the windows to our soul. 😊

Using the basic principle of cleansing, toning, treating problem areas and moisturizing is generally sufficient but issues such as puffy eyes, dark circles and saggy eye bags would require different solutions. PUFFY eyes are commonly linked to fluid accumulating inside our eyelids as the tissues surrounding the area is very thin. When we sleep, our eyes do not blink and as such, accumulated fluids in that area can cause our eyes to look swollen the next day Eg. accumulated tears from yawning when we stay up late, nasal allergies triggered by histamines in our bodies or tears from crying.

A high salt diet can also retain water in our bodies including the eye area. According to John Hopkins Medical research, the skin around our eyes loses elasticity as we age and this can lead to the surrounding fats under the eyes to bulge out as bags as fluid accumulates. Thus, a high salt diet is a no-no.

On the other hand, DARK circles are commonly caused by the lack of sleep (poor blood flow around the eye area) or nasal allergies. Amongst other causes, when we experience nasal congestion eg. sneezing, itching, stuffy nose, the blood flow along the passageway is obstructed and this can result in dark circles appearing under the eyes.

Hence, nothing beats a good night’s rest + healthy diet which promote a stronger immune system. This can help reduce early signs of aging especially around the eyes which are the first to form wrinkles. While we can't replace sleep with skin care, every woman should at least have an effective eye gel to help control fine lines, soften wrinkles and boost collagen to firm the delicate skin. Just dab a little around your eye area before you hit the sack nightly and witness the difference. With brighter eyes, it can take years off your face.