Why do we need to balance the pH of our skin?

Why do we need to balance the pH of our skin?
Did you know that the normal pH level of the skin is acidic between pH level 4 and 7.
However, there are many factors that cause our skin’s pH to fluctuate such as air pollution, cosmetics, sweat, acne and many more.
Our skin has a protective layer called “Acid Mantle” that protects the skin’s surface from external environmental factors such as UV rays, pollutants and harmful bacteria. As we age, the skin’s acid mantle weakens and becomes more alkaline, leading to increased moisture lost and dry skin that potentially highlight signs of aging.

Thus, balancing our skin’s pH back to its optimal pH with the right skincare improves skin barrier functions, keep skin moisturised and slows down the skin aging process.
Maintain optimal pH for your skin with (swipe for photo) :
– Removes impurities without stripping your skin’s moisture

– Calms and tightens pores while maintaining skin pH level