Yes to hydrated, bright & beautiful eyes!

Say YES to hydrated, bright & beautiful eyes 👀

Say YES to hydrated, bright & beautiful eyes 👀
The delicate skin around our eyes is four times thinner than other areas of the face, according to an article published by Medical News Today in Jul 2021, and thus is believed to form lines and wrinkles more easily. Other research purported that the eye area is more prone to dryness as it loses water faster than other parts of our face which ultimately results in earlier signs of aging.

As such, we should pamper our eyes with tender loving care by giving it sufficient rest, wearing sunglasses to shield away damaging UV rays and using the right skin care maintenance products.

Izu Intensive Eye Treatment is highly beneficial in helping to maintain youthful looking skin for the eye area.
To sum up it’s Benefits:
· Oil-free - will not cause oil seed to form in your eye area
· Soft and lightweight texture
· Water-binding ingredients - helps lock moisture into skin cells
. Peptide power - Helps boost collagen and firm skin
Twice a day after cleansing and toning, apply one drop on each under-eye area and pat gently with fingertips.

Witness Smoother, Firmer and more Youthful Looking Eyes in no time!