IZU Balanced Toner Ingredient - Jojoba Seed Extract

Just to share - our Balanced Toner contains over 10 carefully selected botanical ingredients that combine to help maintain your skin’s pH balance and youthful looks, which is the ultimate goal of attaining healthy skin that glows.
One of the main ingredients is almond extract, which is rich in Vitamin A, E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Zinc. These powerful nutrients are all beneficial to the skin as it allow the production of new skin cells to smoothen fine lines and help your skin heal from acne and facial scars.
Jojoba Seed extract is also one of the great antioxidants found in our award-winning Toner. It effectively aids in moisturizing the skin and controlling the production of sebum. With added antibacterial and hypoallergenic benefits, it can help speed up the healing of wounds, along with promoting collagen synthesis in the skin.
You will also love the many other ingredients that can soothe and calm your skin after a stressful day.