IZU Crystal Scrub & Activator Key Ingredient - Beta Carotene

Just to share - Beta Carotene is a type of plant pigment that give fruits and vegetables their colours eg. oranges,  carrots, red bell peppers,  sweet potatoes etc. It has powerful antioxidant properties which can protect our bodies from free radicals that damage cells and causes pre mature aging eg wrinkles, dark spots etc. Besides, it is also a provitamin which means that it can be used by our bodies to make Vitamin A.

In skin care, Beta Carotene is a wildly popular ingredient added into formulations for its antioxidant properties , promoting healthy skin that naturally glows with radiance.

Alongside the use of skincare products, it is also important to consume food that are high in beta carotene such as :
-          Sweet Potatoes
-          Carrots
-          Broccoli
-          Grapefruit

Beta Carotene is present in Izu Deep Cleanser and Crystal Scrub & Activator.