IZU Rejuvenating Cream Key Ingredient - Topical Retinyl Palmitate

Just to Share - Topical Retinyl Palmitate is a type of Vitamin A derivative that can help reduce signs of aging by encouraging faster skin cell turnover and boosting collagen production.

Skin Cell Turnover is the on-going renewal of our skin through a natural shedding/exfoliating process whereby pores are unclogged and cleared, skin discoloration is gradually even-out and the overall skin surface appears smoother and more radiant each day. Depending on the age and condition of our skin, the change is generally visible within 4 - 12 weeks.

Collagen Production can be boosted with the help of Retinyl Palmitate which converts to Retinoid Acid when it reacts with our skin enzymes (when applied). In the course of this process, collagen breakdown due to aging is reduced and our dermis, the deeper layers of our skin, becomes thicker thus does not fold as easily to form wrinkles.

Hence, the importance of Retinyl Palmitate cannot be undermined and every woman who desires youthful looking skin ought to try a night moisturizer with Retinyl Palmitate.

Izu Rejuvenating Cream is developed by biochemists who are specialized in the study and repair of the aging skin. It is formulated with rich nutrients and vitamins including Retinyl Palmitate to help nourish, restore, renew and firm up our skin as we rest at night. This award winning silky soft cream leaves your skin smooth and radiant, ready for a natural glow the next day!